When you have the best people and teams who can execute the CEO’s mission nothing can stop you.

You aren’t in business to be mediocre. And we aren’t looking to work with organizations who are content to be second best. We understand you can’t afford second best teams. But how do you cut through all the noise and find those who will execute verses those who say they will.
We partner with you to build in-house expertise enabling your people to:

  • Hire objectively
  • Coach for performance
  • Knock down silos
  • Make Teams Click
  • Identify and Develop Leaders
  • Teach Managers how to Execute more effectively and timely
  • End Sales Slumps
  • Attract and Retain Gen Y
  • Define and protect your culture


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  • Six20 Partners has been a valuable asset to our organization as we continue to grow. They have provided my team and me with personal training and development, so we're better able to attract and retain quality employees. The insight and expertise shared have been crucial in making those decisions.

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    Blue Ribbon Foods, Mike Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer
  • I highly recommend Six20 Partners to any organization looking to decrease turnover, increase productivity, and save time, money and energy on hiring.

    MFG.com, David Maxey, Chief Operating Officer